Month: May 2014

Daily Capricorn Horoscope May 31 2014

Capricorn (December 23 – January 19)
Affirmation for this week of BALANCE – I practice self-care to restore my overall balance. When I keep my focus on Spirit and attend my own needs, the remainder of my day takes care of itself. (Themes: Spirit Guide: Dog, Color: Green, Number: 9)

SATURDAY: The opportunity to work overtime or take on a second job could appear today, just when you need extra money the most. Don’t put off obligations, as there’ll be little time over the next few days to get caught up on things. The Cancer Moon will bring a new friend or spiritual teacher into your midst during a small gathering you attend tonight, so pay attention. Resist the urge to stay out past your bedtime or you’ll pay the price tomorrow.

WATCH OUT FOR: Procrastination and indulgence
AIM FOR: Balance and honoring your commitments
KEEP IN MIND: The Universe knows what your needs are, so watch for heavenly answers to your earthly problems to appear today.