Month: March 2013

Empowering Your Tarot Readings


by Susyn Blair-Hunt, Ms.D.
2tarot diamondThere are endless ways to bring more power to your Tarot readings, whether you are just learning to read the Tarot cards or have been utilizing them as a divination tool for years. The three V’s of expanding your reading skills include Variety, Validation and Vision.VarietySeasoned and professional Tarot readers often own a number of Tarot decks, but usually gravitate towards one or two of their favorites most of the time. Employing a variety of decks will keep your readings fresh, and can also expand your predictions. The images of the Tarot will vary from deck to deck, which will offer you additional information to consider. Because you will be viewing the cards from a fresh perspective, you’ll be able to see more.Tarot readers also tend to use the same one or two layouts in their readings. Alternating the manner in which you lay out the cards is another great way to add variety to your readings. If you have only learned one or two layouts, researching additional ones or creating your own will add more power to your readings. If you are well-versed in a number of layouts, you will be able to designate certain types of readings to them, such as a special layout for love readings, another for career readings, and so on.Validating Your ReadingsValidating the answers you receive in a reading will not only build your confidence, it will also enable you to gather additional information in the process. There are a number of ways you can validate your Tarot readings to make sure you are getting the most accurate information available.One method is to ask the question using an alternate layout. You can ask the question one way, then ask the same question using a different format to see if you receive the same answer. For example, you may use a layout you are familiar with to do a reading on a particular relationship. If you still have questions or want to validate what you learn, you could use the yes or no reading (found in this week’s Kajama articleTarot 101) or another of your own to confirm the particulars. You can also pull additional cards for any aspect of the reading that still remains unclear.Another powerful method of validation involves programming the cards. Before you begin your reading, as you shuffle, you can request that certain cards show up for confirmation. For example, if your question involves whether or not you will be making a physical move, you might ask that the Knight of Pentacles, the card that is a definitive indicator of physical movement, appear in the cards as solid confirmation.

You may also want to ask a question for which there are no apparent cards that confirm an answer, such as, Is this person someone I already know? Designating a certain card to indicate that this is someone familiar to you, such as the Six of Cups or the Lovers, will make it easier to get the answer.

Along with programming the cards, it is often helpful to pull Significator cards before you begin a reading or identify and watch for these cards to show up somewhere in your layout. Significator cards can indicate a person, object or event, and will affirm that the reading will focus on that particular subject. If you are reading for an Aries man regarding a Cancer woman, for instance, you will want to pull the King of Rods and Queen of Cups out of the deck and lay them out first, or watch for these cards to appear in the cards you lay out.


Your ability to attach as many meanings as possible to each individual Tarot card will enable you to do subject-specific readings more effectively. Instead of limiting yourself to the standard arcane meaning assigned to the cards (i.e., the Fool = new journey), you can expand your intuitive vision by reviewing the cards and attaching fresh new interpretations to them.

For example, if you find yourself doing a health reading, being able to assign a physical aspect to each card will enlarge your ability to assess a certain situation. If you are doing a career reading, the same would apply. Pathways of the Sacred Tarotoffers a complete selection of alternate meanings for health, profession and timing cards, as well as a basic key for the original meanings of the cards. You can also devise your own lists of meanings by intuitively reviewing and assigning them to each Tarot card.

Another important aspect of Vision is possessing the ability to assess the person for whom you are doing a reading. It is important to evaluate your client carefully to determine if they are the type who only wants to hear good news, or if they want you to share with them whatever you see. If you are not sure, simply ask them before you begin the reading.

Keep in mind that not everything you sense or see should be shared with your client, and read responsibly! Your goal is to guide and empower them with the information you share, so remember that should you spot something that might upset, depress or frighten them. If something arises that feels like it might upset your client but needs to be shared, do so from a positive perspective, using the forewarned is forearmedapproach. Offer them suggestions that can empower them, such as the best way to proceed through the circumstances or how they might avoid problems altogether.

If you find that you are unable to answer their question or the cards are vague, don’t make something up. You can attempt to address the question with an alternate layout, or simply tell them that the cards are not able to divulge that information at this time.

Above all, remember that your job as a reader is to uplift, advise and empower your client so they can move forward in a positive direction, but that you are not there to make their decisions for them.

Integrating the three V’s of Variety, Validation and Vision into your readings is guaranteed to bring new depth and power to your predictions, which will allow you to get the most out of this essential and magical tool of divination.

Susyn Blair-Hunt, Ms.D., is known internationally for her psychic readings, daily horoscopes column here at Kajama, and her weekly radio show Insights. Along with her radio program, her bi-monthly newsletter StarNotes, private readings and advice column, Susyn also offers classes and private tutoring in astrology and Tarot. Susyn has been a professional metaphysical consultant for over 25 years and holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics along with certification by The American Association of Professional Psychics and the American Tarot Association. For a complete guide to reading the Tarot, check out Susyn’s new book, Tarot Prediction and Divination: Unveiling Three Layers of Meaning, which is available at