The Ultimate Tarot Guide

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The Ultimate Tarot Guide!

Bring the power of the Tarot to life and unlock its hidden and transformative messages with the Tarot Kaleidoscope! Whether you are just beginning your journey or a seasoned professional, this comprehensive guide to the tarot is designed to awaken your psychic abilities and add more depth to your readings.

If you are picking up a deck of tarot cards for the very first time, the initial layout in the beginner’s section will have you reading the cards instantly! If you’ve been reading the cards for years, The Tarot Kaleidoscope will give you a new focus and understanding of how to deepen your connection with the cards and take your interpretive skills to the next level.

Internationally respected tarot expert, astrologer, and author Susyn Blair-Hunt (Rituals for Empowered Living) presents an original, step-by-step approach, offering eighteen original layouts, fifty-two sample readings, plus unique content on how to:

• Choose the ideal Significator
• Identify topic-specific card combinations
• Explore special sections on love, career, health, timing, and more
• Learn readings for dreams, past lives, channeling, and the chakras

Like the shifting glass mosaics of a Kaleidoscope, each tarot card adapts to create a visual story. Vibrating to the subject-specific layout of the cards, reflecting the surrounding cards that enhance their meanings, and aligning to the nature of your questions, all contribute to the clarity and overall outcome of every reading you do!