The Mysterious History of the Tarot

The Tarot is mysterious and fascinating. Often Tarot cards are depicted in films and on television as prophesying death, doom or troubles ahead. Tarot cards have been used as tools of divination for centuries, yet their beginnings remain steeped in speculation and secrecy. Tarot cards have grown in popularity over the last century, and with […]

Tarot 101

Normally, Tarot decks on the market today come with only a small booklet providing a brief description or interpretation of each card. They may offer the Celtic Cross layout and perhaps two or three simple spreads at most. Even if you purchase a deck that comes with an accompanying book, you’ll get little guidance on […]

Exploring the Three Faces of the Tarot: Divination, Therapy, and Spirituality

What information can you access with the tarot? Each card contains three very different types of message to consider. Primarily, the cards can be used for fortune telling or divination – to reveal information about the future. They can also be used for therapeutic healing, to determine ways to change your destiny and restore emotional […]

Empowering Your Tarot Readings

  by Susyn Blair-Hunt, Ms.D. There are endless ways to bring more power to your Tarot readings, whether you are just learning to read the Tarot cards or have been utilizing them as a divination tool for years. The three V’s of expanding your reading skills include Variety, Validation and Vision.VarietySeasoned and professional Tarot readers often own […]

Validating Your Tarot Readings

Two of the greatest challenges practitioners of the tarot often face are accuracy and validation. For this reason, it is a good idea to watch for confirmation during and after your readings. Being vigilant and receptive will not only add credibility to your tarot practice, it will increase your knowledge base for future readings. The […]

The Ever-Evolving Messages of the Tarot

A tarot card’s meaning will change and adapt to your readings depending on the focus of your question and the surrounding cards. If your question is about health, for instance, the card’s message will carry a different tone than if you are asking about romance. In a health-related reading, a card from the suit of […]