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The “Freezing” Ritual

Here is my favorite personal ritual for protecting yourself against unreasonable people or situations and the negative energy they create. “Freezing” them allows you to keep moving authentically and joyfully through your life without unnecessary drains on your spirit or emotions. It is also an an effective spell to re-balance your own emotions and restore clarity.

This is just one of many spells and rituals featured in my “Spells & Rituals for Empowered Living” E-book, which includes wonderful rituals and spells for love, manifestation, financial growth and spiritual protection, all designed to help you address specific difficulties and empower your life. (See Spells and Rituals in this section for more information and to order.)Natural ice sculpture in water

What you will need:

  • 1 aqua or white votive candle
  • Sage or rain incense
  • 1 small seashell or pebble (optional)
  • 4” x 6” piece of brown paper
    (grocery sack or lunch bag paper works well)
  • Pen
  • 1 sandwich size zipper lock bag
  • Water and Sea or table salt

Preparation: Dress in white or blue for this ritual. Play calming meditation music or sit near a running fountain. The effects of this ritual will start to take effect 12 – 24 hours later (depending on how long it takes the spell to freeze) and can be performed any day of the week.

The Spell: Light your ocean or rain incense, and then using it to light the aqua candle. Holding the incense stick upright, pass the seashell or pebble through the smoke three times to charge and cleanse it, if you choose to use one for this spell (optional). Then place the shell on the table above your piece of brown paper. On the paper, write your request to the Universe to “freeze” the negative vibrations coming from the person or situation, diffusing any attempts they are creating to upset, harm or defame you with. One example might be:

I ask that Spirit freeze and block all negative, upsetting and angry energy coming from ____________________________. Protect me from any evil intent and negative emotions this situation is creating, so I may continue to think and act in my own best interest, free of their interfering influence.

End your writing with “And I will do my part.” (Your part might be, for example, don’t call an ex-boyfriend after freezing him.) More often than not, our part is to stay out of the way and not stir the waters of the situation. At the bottom, sign and date it.

Fold the paper in half and then in half again. Place it along with the shell into the zipper lock bag. Sprinkle a pinch of sea salt into the bag for grounding, then fill it with enough purified water to cover the paper. The bag may expand as it freezes, so leave a few inches of room at the top. Seal the bag and place it in the freezer, where it won’t spill or be disturbed.

After 12 – 24 hours, check the bag to make sure it is frozen solid. If it is still liquid, move it to another section of the freezer. Take note if the water is clear or foggy, cracked, or frozen in a misshapen manner, as these signs are evidence that the ritual is working to “freeze” the energy.

Energies or emotions of an extreme nature can often require more than one freezing. After your initial freezing wait two days and if things haven’t improved, repeat the ritual again, leaving both bags in the freezer. This can be done up to three times.

Special Note: Do not remove bag from the freezer until at least 3 months after things have been resolved.

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