Leo Horoscopes


    Leo (July 23 – August 22)
    Affirmation for this week of SELF-APPRAISAL – “As I discover more about my inner spirit and personal truths, I can move with greater freedom. My awareness grows through the art of self-appraisal.” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Dove, Color: Gold, Number: 4)

    FRIDAY: Restrictions or blocks that have dogged you for the last week will lift today, and you can finally get back on track. Try not to let resentment influence the way you interact with a coworker or friend under the Taurus Moon, even if things are still not resolved. You can add a new dimension to your creative talents if you’ll consider signing up to teach or take a class. Romance will fill the air this evening, so be sure to take advantage of it!

    KEEP IN MIND: Be sure to keep your focus on the positive today; that way, when the clouds clear and the gifts appear, you’ll be the first to notice!