Leo Horoscopes


    Leo (July 23 – August 22)
    Affirmation for this week of OPTIMISM – “I move with the flow of life, acknowledging each day as a precious gift. Joy and optimism surround me as I open my heart to the wonders of the Universe.” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Wolf, Color: Silver, Number: 11)

    THURSDAY: Start your day off on the right foot with a mini-meditation, as it may be the only time you’ll get for yourself today! You’re purpose-driven, so keep your nose to the grindstone and keep plowing through the challenges; you can expect to experience some wonderful gifts from your willingness to do so! The Virgo Moon will have you in a creative mood this evening; paint, write, or start making final plans for an upcoming trip or party.

    KEEP IN MIND: The challenges you face today are simply Spirit’s way of saying that you’re “ready to graduate to the next challenge”!