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Listed below are the different types of readings I offer. Whether you'd like a psychic or astrology reading, a dream interpretation, channeling or past-life session, (or a combination) all readings are offered at the same price. Once you decide the type of reading you'd like, click on the Make an Appointment tab and select your option from the drop-down menu.

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15-Minute Reading - $40
30-Minute Reading - $75
60-Minute Reading - $150

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Psychic Readings

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Psychic Readings

I customize each reading to align with your personal concerns, using the metaphysical tools at my command to create the most in depth, informative and enlightening reading possible. Combining astrology, tarot and clairvoyance, I can quickly get to the heart of the matter to identify the course and timing of future events as well as any blocks, fears, or outside influences that could come up and how to clear them. When reading for you, I am directed by your personal spirit guides. Often during the reading, loved ones come in from the other side to connect and deliver a special message for you.

Astrological Natal Reading

Discover your true nature and destiny by exploring your natal chart.

The position of the planets at the time of your birth can affect your thoughts, movement and beliefs.

Transit Readings - See what's being activated in your life now by the movement of the planets as they align with your birth chart. Get an inside glimpse of how astrology is directing your life. Compatibility Readings - Discover the potentials for relationships of all kinds. Whether you are interested in romance, sibling or parent connections, learn where the strengths and weaknesses are so you can maneuver through the obstacles and experience more love! Birthday Readings - Give yourself or a loved one the gift of enlightenment with an astrological/psychic birthday reading for the year ahead! A birthday reading can help you map out the year ahead and create a blueprint for success! Makes the perfect birthday present!

Past Life Readings

Why are you drawn to a certain country, time period or person? Do you dream of incidents that seem real, even though they are not familiar to you? Do you carry unfounded fears that seem to control your life? Discover the karma that carries over from life to life and how it directs your current destiny. Exploring past lives can reveal the hidden connections you carry from another time in history. Discovering these links can help you make sense of your relationships (why you do or do not get along with certain people), reactions to situations (like fear of the water), periods in history, or longings to visit specific locations. Once you decide the type of reading you'd like, click on the Make an Appointment tab and select your option from the drop-down menu.


Relationship Coaching featuring “H.E.L.P. - Heart Energy, Loving Partnerships."

Sometimes, we discover repeating patterns in our relationships that we have no idea how to break. Because this is a problem for so many of us, I've developed a program called “H.E.L.P. - Heart Energy, Loving Partnerships." Finding and maintaining love relationships is one of the biggest challenges of our generation. Many people find themselves still single well into their 30’s, 40’s and beyond, while divorce rates continue to rise. What makes for a love-filled and enduring partnership? Heart Energy. Learn to direct your energy to change the results you’ve been getting. Whether you’re looking for love in all the wrong places, can’t hold a relationship together for more than a year or would like to improve a partnership you’re committed to, my techniques for heart energy management can provide instant results! Not limited to romantic partners, you can use these insights and directives to improve relationships with children, parents, siblings, friends and coworkers too. As a relationship coach, I have helped many people to identify and clear these obstacles so they can live a happy and fulfilled life with the man or woman of their dreams.

Channeling Sessions

Schedule a visit with your loved ones from the spirit world! You can ask questions and receive special messages or guidance from the dearly departed with a one-on-one channeling session. Your departed loved ones are as anxious to speak with you as you are with them. Often they will attempt to send messages through dreams, signs or thought. At times, we have difficulty hearing them or we doubt the signs we receive. With a channeling session, you can make direct contact and know that your loved ones are doing well and always near.

Susyn Blair-Hunt


If I am available, we can set up an appointment sooner than the 24-hour notice required on the Appointments page. Click on the "Reading Room" tab on the right side of your screen and if I'm on line, I will respond immediately. If I'm busy or not logged in, you'll be able to send me a message directly through the chat window. I'll get back to you by email and we can set something up. Or, if you prefer, you can Contact Me directly.

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