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“I never start my day without Susyn’s horoscopes! It’s like an astrological weather report - I know exactly what kind of “conditions” to expect for the day ahead.” - B. Walden, San Antonio, Texas

“I always dress and wear specific jewelry by Susyn’s horoscopes, as the colors and gemstones she suggests make me feel empowered as I move through the day.” - K. Bell, Melbourne, Australia

“Susyn’s horoscopes are right on the money! Literally! Recently my horoscope told me to go on a hunt around my house, as there was buried cash in drawers, closets and pockets. By the end of my search, I had found close to $1000! Amazing...” - P. Caldwell, London, UK

"I like being able to see the horoscopes for the entire week - makes it easier to plan ahead for what's to come!" A. Hardy, Tampa City, Florida