Cancer Horoscopes


    Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
    Affirmation for this week of ATTAINMENT – “The path to attainment is not always a straight line, but I trust that it is divinely inspired. I ask Spirit to direct me as I prepare to move into a new season of potential. ” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Horse, Color: Purple, Number: 3)

    SUNDAY: With the busy week you’ve just had, the message is clear; it’s time to slow your hectic pace and regroup. Indecision could greet you at every turn under the Aries Moon, so abandon your well-laid plans and simply align yourself to the whims of the Universe. Translation? Relax! An unexplained fear or curiosity about a foreign land could hold the key to unlocking some past life memories tonight; explore further with a guided meditation.

    KEEP IN MIND: The harder you try to follow a set plan, the more chaos will reign. Let Spirit do the driving today and just relax!