Aquarius Horoscopes


    Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
    Affirmation for this week of UNITY – “I share my dreams with others, inviting them to join me in my efforts. New visions have the power to become a reality when I work hand in hand with others.” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Elk, Color: Yellow, Number: 7)

    WEDNESDAY: Keep in mind that you can get the most mileage out of this day by keeping your schedule open and flexible. When you’re willing to adjust to whatever comes your way, beautiful gifts will appear under the Libra Moon. Put aside some extra cash for a bill that’s coming due soon, or you could end up in a panic by the first of the month. Light a few white candles while you ponder the future during your nightly meditation, to increase your vision as well as your joy.

    KEEP IN MIND: You’ve already mastered the art of adjusting to the whims of the Universe, which will make it easier for you than most to handle the chaotic energies in the air.

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