Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
Affirmation for this week of COMMITMENT – “I am committed to my spiritual journey, practicing the disciplines that support and strengthen me each day. I trust in the Divine to lead me forward to my ideal destiny.” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Dog, Color: Green, Number: 6)

SUNDAY: You can avoid all the chaos of the day if you’ll light a few white candles and visualize a protective spiritual bubble around you first thing this morning. Though communication with a partner has been challenging, you’ll be able to discuss things more easily under the Virgo Moon. A time of soul-searching could lead you to an amazing discovery this evening, as you start catching glimpses of a few specific past life events that are now repeating themselves in your current incarnation.

KEEP IN MIND: You don’t need any annoying distractions today, so create a spiritual force field around you first thing this morning. Then, proceed with caution!