Cancer Horoscopes


    Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
    Affirmation for this week of CLARITY – “Staying focused in the moment allows me to live worry-free. Living in the present allows me to experience every joy and miracle Spirit has in store for me.” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Hawk, Color: Brown, Number: 6)

    THURSDAY: Feel free to do a little cajoling or flirting today, as your powers of persuasion are at an all-time high. As long as your choices are based on personal truth, you will continue to experience greater success in all areas of your life. Thanks to the impending arrival of the Cancer Sun, the next few weeks will be focused on solidifying your family and home life. You’re missing an important message that the Virgo Moon is trying to send you, so spend some time in meditation to see what’s up!

    KEEP IN MIND: You can get practically anything you request today, so start asking!