Cancer Horoscopes


    Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
    Affirmation for this week of RELATIONSHIPS – “Conscious living creates closeness in my personal relationships. I am aware of how my actions affect those around me and always take others into consideration.” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Wolf, Color: Brown, Number: 6)

    FRIDAY: The Taurus Moon will offer you a more balanced perspective of all your relationships, past and present. You’ll need to write things down or add them to your cyber-calendar, or you’re sure to forget an important meeting or date. Ask for professional help to treat a medical or financial problem that’s getting out of hand; you’ve done as much as you can. Carry a notepad or your iPad mini with you wherever you go, as you’ll encounter a lot of ideas you’ll want to explore later.

    KEEP IN MIND: You might as well hang a pen around you’re neck today to keep it handy; if you’re not writing down an important appointment, you’ll be jotting down notes for a poem, song, or the next chapter of that book you’re writing!