Capricorn Horoscopes


    Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)
    Affirmation for this week of GENEROSITY – “I express my generosity through actions that help and uplift others. The more I do to lighten the burden of those around me, the greater my joy.” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Dragonfly, Color: Purple, Number: 3)

    MONDAY: You’ll experience a financial breakthrough under today’s Aries Moon, which will move you to a higher level of stability. Gentle and enduring movements will win out over-aggressive or rushed efforts, so continue to pace yourself and act with balance as Mercury resumes forward motion. Dress in black, as this color can help you address a relationship issue from a rational rather than emotional stance. Everyone will be impressed by your no-nonsense approach this week, a gift of your tarot card, the enterprising Emperor.

    KEEP IN MIND: Where’s the fire? Slow down and take things one at a time today or you’ll just have to do them over again tomorrow.