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Aries (March 21 – April 19)
Affirmation for this week of INDIVIDUALITY – “I express my individuality and invite Spirit to direct my movements. I practice authenticity and honesty with all those around me.” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Wolf, Color: Silver, Number: 11)

TUESDAY: You may experience unfounded fears or emotional insecurity as Mercury moves into Cancer, but try to remember that appearances are not always as they seem. Journaling or meditating under the Virgo Moon can help you to discover where these feelings are coming from. Your generous nature could cost you a bit more than expected when your ruler Mars moves into indulgent Taurus, especially if you’re looking for a gift for someone: Before you click the “Buy Now” button, check your bank balance!

KEEP IN MIND: The sense of uneasiness you feel this morning may be coming from nowhere, which means you really don’t need to do anything about it, except turn it over to Spirit.