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Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
Affirmation for this week of ACCEPTANCE – “Acceptance moves me toward a brighter and more spiritually-empowered future. I acknowledge that all is as it should be in this moment, as ordained by the Universe.” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Ant, Color: Green, Number: 9)

WEDNESDAY: You’ll receive money from an unexpected source today, which will take some of the pressure off you financially. You should return a phone call you’ve been putting off, as once done, you’ll feel much better. Be sure you are documenting facts carefully at work and home or you’ll forget or misplace important information. Pink candles can calm strained nerves, so light one or more during your meditation to call on the healing powers of the Libra Moon.

KEEP IN MIND: Just when you’ve reached the end of your financial rope, the Universe will step in to set things right today.