Gemini (May 21 – June 20)
Affirmation for this week of REVISION – “I step back to get a clearer view of the future, asking Spirit to show me where revision is needed. Though my dreams are solid, the path to manifesting them is yet to be revealed.” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Lion, Color: Blue, Number: 12)

THURSDAY: Inspired by today’s Aquarius Sun, a love interest from your past could contact you unexpectedly, asking for a second chance. Nothing has changed though, and the practical Aries Moon will help you resist the urge to give it one more try. Your willingness to compromise with a loved one will be vital to creating greater harmony on the home front. Light red candles and let them bring out your passionate side this evening, whether your focus be on a loved one or a creative project.

KEEP IN MIND: Remember, it’s best to leave the past in the past and the future, in the future.