Pisces Horoscopes


    Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
    Affirmation for this week of REFLECTION – “Reflecting on my assets as well as my liabilities offers me a clear picture of where more work is needed. I give thanks for the success as well as the lessons Spirit brings me.” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Dove, Color: Brown, Number: 12)

    THURSDAY: Show your appreciation with words as well as actions today, to restore harmony and depth to your personal relationships. Dress in green, as it can open your heart and improve your ability to practice unconditional love. Insist that everyone do their part in a group project, and set an example by being the first one to act under the determined Gemini Moon. Romance or indulgent activities will be on your agenda this evening.

    KEEP IN MIND: Others will be watching you to see if your words and actions match up today; set a good example!