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Susyn Blair-Hunt is a world-renowned Psychic, Astrologer and Metaphysical Consultant with over 30 years experience. She has created this unique collection of rituals to aid and empower everyone who is ready to bring their heart’s desires into being.

The rituals are divided into three categories, each addressing an area of life vital to our soul’s wellbeing. Ceremonies include “achieving greater abundance, enlarging spiritual protection, and calling in your soul mate.”

Using the powerful practices in this book can change your life and create the destiny you’ve always dreamed of! This unique collection of rituals will empower you to discover and harness the spiritual power you already possess. Join with Spirit in practicing these rituals and transforming your life for the better.

The knowledge in Rituals for Empowered Living holds the metaphysical key to fulfilling your desires, manifesting your dreams and creating the life YOU choose!

Susyn’s rituals offer tried and tested tangible activities for improving relationships, financial wellbeing, enhanced spirituality, and optimum health. She provides simple, yet effective and detailed instructions on what we can all do to make the necessary major “tweaks” to fill our lives with creativity and joy. She has used these rituals personally and shared them with her clients over the years, with incredible results!

Susyn’s manifestation rituals will show you, by using your own personal power, how to bring your dreams to life. Choose to improve your health, increase your financial status, achieve a loving relationship or celebrate a career opportunity. Whatever your goal, these rituals are designed as the spiritual keys to reach your potential, manifest your deepest dreams and desires, and empower your connection to Spirit.

The spiritual protection rituals teach us important lessons in how to block and eliminate negative energy, conflict, or depression. There are also ceremonies to surround yourself, your home and loved ones with enhanced spiritual protection.

Susyn's love rituals allow us to make significant progress on our journeys of the heart. Each one compels us to consider our choice of partners carefully, in a way that may involve rethinking our expectations and taking a closer look to reveal our true hearts’ desires. She shows us how to clarify our goals in order to call forth and manifest our true soul mates, how to create loving and lasting relationships with them, as well as how to let go of relationships that no longer serve us.

Through years of experience, Susyn acquired a vast knowledge of the obstacles we all face in life. Her hope is that, by working with Spirit while practicing the rituals in her book, you can achieve and enjoy a positive outcome that will bless, enrich, and fulfill your life!