Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
Affirmation for this week of FAITH – “I embrace the gifts as well as the challenges in my life by looking within for direction. I act on faith, honoring the spiritual guidance I receive.” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Caterpillar, Color: Aqua, Number: 10)

WEDNESDAY: Don’t forget, when you make your decisions based on intuition, you can’t go wrong. You should approach a health issue more naturally, leaning towards holistic or homeopathic methods. Brainstorm with a peer to expand your ideas under the Gemini Sun, as joining forces will generate twice the inspiration. The Scorpio Moon will have you on a research mission tonight, sorting through various websites for answers. Once you narrow it down to a few, meditate to see which one most resonates with you.

KEEP IN MIND: Once you make a decision based on intuition, the facts will appear to back it up.