Scorpio Horoscopes


    Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
    Affirmation for this week of TRUST – “I turn unresolved issues over to the Universe, which is my ultimate source for resolution. I live worry-free in the moment, and trust that all is as it should be.” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Mouse, Color: Blue, Number: 10)

    SATURDAY: Today’s Sagittarius Sun will encourage you to start a cleaning spree! Get rid of items that no longer hold any use or value to you, purging or donating them to make space for new things to come in. Under the Capricorn Moon, you’ll be inclined to lose yourself in artistic endeavors or an indulgent hobby you love, making for a joy-filled day! Add more green and yellow foods to your diet to increase your energy and stamina, which is essential, as you’ll be running on all cylinders for the rest of the month.

    KEEP IN MIND: Out with the old, space for the new! Get rid of useless items in anticipation of the new gifts coming your way in a few weeks.

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